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What is GNU MediaGoblin?

* A place to store all your different media (photos, videos, audios,
  and more!) that’s as awesome as, if not more awesome than, existing
  network services (Flickr, YouTube, etc)
* Customizable!
* A place for people to collaborate and show off original and derived
  creations.  Free, as in freedom.  We’re a GNU project after all.
* Extensible: Plugins allow you to add new media types (3d models?
  Presentations and documents?  Yes, and more!) or extend old ones.
* A real community, and we'd love to have you join us!

Is it ready for me to use?


Can I help/hang out/participate/whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

Yes!  Please join us and hang out!  For more information on where we
hang out, see `our Join page <>`_

Where is the documentation?

The beginnings of a site administration manual is located in the ``docs/``
directory in HTML, Texinfo, and source (Restructured Text) forms.  It's
also available online at in HTML form.

Contributor/developer documentation as well as documentation on the
project processes and infrastructure is located on 
`the wiki <>`_.