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What is GNU MediaGoblin?

  • A place to store all your different media (photos, videos, audios, and more!) that’s as awesome as, if not more awesome than, existing network services (Flickr, YouTube, etc)
  • Customizable!
  • A place for people to collaborate and show off original and derived creations. Free, as in freedom. We’re a GNU project after all.
  • Extensible: Plugins allow you to add new media types (3d models? Presentations and documents? Yes, and more!) or extend old ones.
  • A real community, and we'd love to have you join us!

Is it ready for me to use?


Can I help/hang out/participate/whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

Yes! Please join us and hang out! For more information on where we hang out, see our Join page

Where is the documentation?

The beginnings of a site administration manual is located in the <tt class="docutils literal">docs/</tt> directory in HTML, Texinfo, and source (Restructured Text) forms. It's also available online at in HTML form.

Contributor/developer documentation as well as documentation on the project processes and infrastructure is located on the wiki.